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Garden centre Berkshire | Garden centre Bracknell | Garden Nursery Berkshire | Nursery Bracknell | Garden plants Berkshire | garden plants Bracknell | Plant stockist Berkshire | Plants trees shrubs Bracknell

What should I be doing in my garden - March
Friday, 16 Mar 2018 1:54 pm
What should I be doing in my garden - March
Ensure that your soil is prepped and ready for all your new plants. Dig down around 5cm and mix in a well-rotted manure, such as Country Natural (£3.25/4 for £11).

Once that's done work in a feed such as Chicken Manure Pellets (£5.99 - 5KG) or Fish, Blood & Bone (£6.99/3 for 2 - 3.5kg).

If you haven't already, get a soil testing kit to work out what type of soil you have. This will help you plan what plants will thrive in your garden!

March is an ideal time to feed your trees, hedges and shrubs with a slow release food. Work this in the soil around the roots and water in, these last up to 6 months. Use Miracle Gro – All Purpose only £5.99 for 1.3kg!

March is the best month to be planting your bulbs – the ground will have finally thawed. Be wary of any bulbs that you may disrupt. When planting your spring bulbs this might be a time to relocate your Daffodils. If you're leaving them where they are ensure that you dead head any daffodils and allow their foliage to die back naturally.

Along with bulbs you should be planting your chitted potatoes into the ground or tubs now. Check with your packaging to see how long your chosen variety will take to grow. Onion, garlic and shallots can all be planted now ready for summer harvest.

You should ensure that your roses are well pruned ready for the season. By pruning you are encouraging new and healthy growth. To help with this consider using a rose specific food, either granular or liquid, to give them an extra boost heading into the season.

With the weather beginning to warm up consider the fact that pests such as slugs are starting to work their way back into your garden. We have a wide range of slug killers and preventions, including ones that are safe for both children and pets.

Garden maintenance will start to creep in now with the potential for the first lawn cut to be done this month! Ensure that the weather shows a clear dry day and make sure the blades aren't set too low on your lawn mower so you don't scalp your lawn. Along with this give your garden patio the jet wash it's been desperate for all winter. Consider using Patio Magic (£11.99 2.5L) in the absence of a jet wash to clear

Trade discount for professional gardners.

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