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Garden centre Berkshire | Garden centre Bracknell | Garden Nursery Berkshire | Nursery Bracknell | Garden plants Berkshire | garden plants Bracknell | Plant stockist Berkshire | Plants trees shrubs Bracknell

Choosing Conservatory Furniture
Thursday, 26 Sep 2013 11:17 am

There are many issues involved in your choice of conservatory furniture. The overall room size and style. The design of and material used for the suite, plus the type and number of pieces, accessories, etc. Ultimately the choice is yours but below we mention some points to bear in mind.

What style of conservatory furniture suits the style of your conservatory and your personal taste? Conservatory furniture is currently available in both traditional and modern styles but is normally made of rattan, cane or wicker as this type of material is highly resistant to conditions commonly found in conservatories. Wide temperature variations, high temperatures, condensation, strong sunlight and more (a conservatory is a tough environment for furniture). Often a conservatory is only used for part of a year and many materials are unsuitable for this type of environment.

Whilst it can be kept in conservatories, wicker furniture is best kept out of direct sunlight, as this will help to keep the cane in the best of condition. However as long as the furniture is moved around the room occasionally, this reduces the exposure to the sun and helps prolong its life. You should also rotate your suite’s cushions regularly to for the same reason.

Measure the floor space of your conservatory carefully and plan the furniture into this space. Large furniture but fewer pieces are generally considered to be a better practice but whatever you do don’t overcrowd the room.

In common with most things quality varies hugely and it is critical you understand what you are buying. Conservatory furniture can be strongly manufactured and highly durable or poorly built and quite flimsy. It is quality and strength plus the intricate workmanship which determines price. Plus of course the inherent quality of materials used.

Quality of conservatory furniture upholstery varies enormously. Look for cushions manufactured with fillings suitable for everyday use. UK manufacturers understand the variety and changeability of our weather and tend to select more suitable materials and methods. For example crumb foam is not really suitable for everyday use and while cheaper you will eventually pay the price as the furniture can quickly wear and become uncomfortable.

What accessories do you need in your conservatory? This could be a matching magazine rack, a coffee table or nest of tables.

The right kind of seating and accessories will make all the difference to your conservatory. This is why Oaktree offers modern conservatory furniture to change the look of this simple area. Our range of superior quality, cost effective furniture and exceptional customer service, brings you products are purpose built and stylish yet easy to maintain.

For conservatory furniture from: 4 Seasons, Alexander Rose, Cozy Bay, Desser, Glencrest and Kettler, click here.

Choosing Conservatory Furniture
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