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Oaktree Garden Centre and Nursery in Bracknell Berkshire  
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Garden centre Berkshire | Garden centre Bracknell | Garden Nursery Berkshire | Nursery Bracknell | Garden plants Berkshire | garden plants Bracknell | Plant stockist Berkshire | Plants trees shrubs Bracknell

Oaktree barbecues and outdoor entertaining

A great range of large and small gas or barbecue grills.

Find your barbecue from our range of large and small gas or charcoal barbecue grills in colours or cool black. There has never been such a great variety of barbecues to choose from. Whatever you're looking for we have something to fit your needs

Key points to consider before you buys:
  • Size: How many people will you be cooking for?
  • Use: How often you will be using your barbecue?
  • Charcoal or Gas: Does the traditional option of charcoal appeal, or the convenience of gas?
  • Accessories: Make sure that you have the essentials to go with your barbecue
Choosing a charcoal or gas barbecue

The choice charcoal or gas barbecue depends on whether you prefer the authentic or controllable style of grilling. Food cooked on either will have the same BBQ taste,  because it's the fat and juices falling onto the hot coals and the smoke created which gives the true barbecue flavour.

Charcoal barbecues:
  • A traditional method of cooking.
  • Easy to light, but must burn for at least 30 minutes before cooking
  • Kettle barbecues feature a lid, allowing you to braise or roast food,
  • Storage features as side hooks and shelves or tables make entertaining easier.
  • Portable models can be taken anywhere, look for carry handles.
  • Ash will need to be removed after cooking.
Gas barbecues:
  • Instant heat at the push of a button,
  • Heat output is measured in Kilowatts (kW), ranging from 8 - 16 kW, Look for models with flexible heat control.
  • Easy ignition.
  • Gas barbecues feature variable gas burners - the more burners, the more heat for controlling cooking
  • Drip trays below the cooking grate will collect drips of fat from food.
  • Quick cooking times make gas better for large groups.
  • Cleaning is quick and easy
Cooking area and grill features

When choosing a barbecue the size of the grill will determine how many people you can cook for. A simple rating system to shows how many people you can cook for at once.

Barbecue Size Number of Portions/People
Small 1 - 2
Medium 2 - 4
Large 4 - 8
X-Large 8 Plus

(The numbers are based on cooking a variety of meat and vegetables.)

Useful cooking accessories
  • Cooking tool set with long-handled tongs are ideal for lifting food on and off the grill.
  • Digital thermometer to ensure meat is cooked to perfection
  • Barbecue cleaning brush with brass bristles that won't rust or scratch the grill.
  • Kebab turner - metal skewers with a holder to keep food off of the grill
Barbecue safety
  • Site a barbecue well away from fences or flammable materials.
  • Always use the correct materials and fuels for lighting.
  • Keep matches, firelighters and fuel well away from lit barbecues.
  • Ensure children and pets are supervised at all times.
  • Allow a barbecue to cool down completely before moving.




Outback BBQs
Outback Barbecues gas or charcoal, hooded or kettle, side burner, grill or warmer options with Outback BBQs there will be a style for your ultimate outdoor garden entertaining experience. Come and see the range including Omega, Meteor, Spectrum, Hunter, Excelsior and Excell. (more)

Weber Barbecues
Buy Weber Barbecues, gas and charcoal, from Smokey Joe to One Touch Kettle or even the latest Q Barbecues we have them in stock at ree Garden Centre in Berkshire. Weber ranges include the gas Spirit, Genesis, the charcoal one touch original and premium plus the original Smokey Joe BBQ all at the lowest online price. (more)
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